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The easiest way to start learning how to trade the Forex market is to pick up a book and start reading. There is plenty of introductory information on the market. Read a few books until the material begins to look familiar in each book. One thing to remember is that every person that publishes a book is not a good trader. Many authors claim to be good traders but that is just not the case. You will never see proof of the author's record as a trader, not one trading statement.

Some notable books on Forex trading are:

An accessible guide to trading the fast-moving foreign exchange market

The foreign exchange market, or forex, was once dominated by global banks, hedge funds, and multinational corporations, but that has all changed with Internet technology and the advent of online forex brokers. Now, hundreds of thousands of traders and investors around the world can participate in this profitable field.

Written by forex expert Kathy Lien, The Little Book of Currency Trading will show you how to effectively invest and trade in today's biggest market. Page by page, she describes the multitude of opportunities possible in the forex market, from short-term price swings to long-term trends, and details practical products that can help you achieve success, such as currency-based ETFs.

  • Explains the forces that drive currencies and provides strategies to profit from them
  • Reveals how you can use various currencies to reduce risk and take advantage of global trends
  • Examines financial vehicles that can help you make money without having to monitor the market every day

The Little Book of Currency Trading opens the world of currency trading and investing to anyone interested in entering this dynamic arena.