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View videos published by trading professionals. Most of the professionals specialize in Forex but some may be specialist in other trading fields. All of the professionals may not be traders but may be authors and motivational speakers. Some may just be entertainers.

  • BK Forex Videos - View videos published by Boris Schlossberg and Kathy Lien. These are two of the best traders and analysts in the Forex world. You can count on them to provide well-thought analysis and trades. As always, please do your own homework before trading.
  • Rob Booker - View videos published by Rob Booker. He is a trader and does the Trader's Podcast. Rob has many services and products available for very reasonable prices (some even free). Below are affiliate links for his offerings:
  • Scott Welsh - View videos published by Scott Welsh. He is a trader and does a lot of good work with robots.
  • Timothy Sykes - View videos published by Timothy Sykes. He is not a Forex trader but has found success in his own trading niche. His videos are entertaining if nothing else. He takes a different approach to motivating his students. You can learn about what Tim does from his website. Also, check out some of the more profitable associates and students of Tim. Superman is a veteran small cap swing trader who focuses on buying stocks with explosive potential. More often than not, he can spot momentum before others which is why his students love his alerts and research.
  • Oliver Velez - View videos published by Oliver Velez. A true veteran stock trader that is still very active. Runs a business named iFundTraders. He has a very good and simple way of trading stocks.
  • Tim Grittani - View videos published by Tim Grittani. He is from the Tim Sykes program. He was the first public millionaire student of Tim Sykes. Grittani has a great style of explaining his trades and thinking. You can purchase his DVD on at Trading Tickers.
  • Cameron Fous - View videos published by Cameron Fous. A former trader that has pivoted to different businesses. He was not a Forex trader but found success in his own trading niche. His business seemed to be associated with Sykes but he went independent.
  • Jason Stapleton - View videos published by Jason Stapleton. A trading educator that teaches many concepts. Works with Akil Stokes.
  • Akil Stokes - View videos published by Akil Stokes. A trading educator that teaches many concepts. Works with Jason Stapleton.
  • Steve Mauro - View videos about the "Beat The Market Maker" system. I do not know too much about Mauro but the system seems prettu interesting. His system seems very logical (and sometimes complex) and strategy seems viable.