Resources for a Forex Trader. Included in this section are a bunch or products that are related to Forex and trading. Most of the products I have a minimal level of familiarity but cannot personally give a complete recommendation. I do have affiliate arrangements with most of the products. However, you are encouraged to research any of the products before purchasing. Different people will have different results and opinions about any of the products.

The resources in this section are roughly divided into a few categories. Some products may be classified in several categories. The categorization is not scientific but more of a general guideline.

  • Glossary - A glossary of many Forex terms.
  • Education - Any resource on education for traders.
  • Indicators - Indicators that be used by traders.
  • Robots - Any resource for automated trading systems, including robots, and Expert Advisors.
  • Signals - All resources about signals and copier services.
  • Social Networking - Any social network for traders.
  • Systems - Any resource for trading systems that are more manual or requiring actions from the trader.
  • Tools - Any tool or product that may be useful to traders but may not be directly related to the actual trading.

I have personally used some of the products and can highly recommend some of them. Following are some of my favorite products:

  • By far, my favorite product is the MT Floating Charts utility. If you use MetaTrader 4, this is an absolute necessity. It allows you to move charts to separate windows outside the MT4 environment. The software is extremely affordable and provides great value.
  • EA Builder allows anybody to create custom indicators and strategies without programming. EA Builder can create indicators and strategies for both MetaTrader 4/5 and TradeStation. It uses a super-simple graphical user interface and provides the source code that can be used in the target environment. There is a free tier that only allows you to create indicators. The premium tier adds the ability to create strategies. The EA Builder premium tier is recommended as it is not at all expensive.